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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've always been a fan of  the good old converse but I'm absolutely drooling over these crazy neon cons! They are available at Lady Foot All Star Lo Double Upper - Women's - Geranium/White/Rose-Valentines DayConverse All Star Lo Double Upper - Women's - Black/Neon Yellow/Neon Pink/Baby Blue/WhConverse All Star Lo Double Upper - Women's - Neon Yellow/Orange

Saturday, March 20, 2010


A style icon, the ultimate rock chick who took the boring out of blonde. I love this woman (and I don't mean in a gay way...maybe). 


Here are some of my favourite dance tracks at the moment perfect for shaking it on down....yeeeah!

The mix of rap and house music creates the funkiest dance track of the year. I feel like jumping off the walls when I hear this.

This track makes want to dance...and I'll admit a little frisky.

This track is perfect for making out and pulling out da moves!

Friday, March 19, 2010



Wu is quickly emerging as one of my favourite newly discovered talents, his clothes are young, fun, original and unusual.

Jason Wu Tulle and silk-taffeta mini dressJason Wu Printed silk-chiffon top
Left: Tulle Silk Dress-this dress boasts gorgeous colours and a classiness and originality that makes it stand out from the typical party dress. I would wear this piece with a gorgeous pair of heels or perhaps some knee high boots and for the cooler weather a nice simple black blazer.
Right: This t-shirt has a gorgeous print that to me spells fun. I would wear this all summer with a great pair of denim shorts and sandals and  for the evening some black skinny jeans.


Acne makes the perfect basics that a university student like me could only dream of...aaah.

Acne Button-front denim jacketAcne Skin zip-back skinny jeans
Left: Denim Jacket-Denim is back in a big way. You should that 90's jacket you still have in the bottom of your wardrobe wouldn't come back....well your wrong. It's made a comeback and it's hot. Wear it with a body hugging maxi dress for the perfect vintage look.
Right: Skinny Jeans-If I had these jeans I would be one very happy lady... and look hot while being happy. 


Another young designer that is wowing the fashion elite with his amazing prints and total originality.
<span class=<span class=
Left: Floral Print silk blend dress-It is only a designer as great as Thakoon that could make a grandma print look covet- able . Could be worn with some great beige heels or sexy black boots. And for the really daring the sock and heel combination could be pulled off....maybe.
Right: Printed Silk double-layer top-Woah! So many thing to look at on this gorgeous top. This is reminiscent of an abstract painting...a work of art!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The rise of UGLY FASHION at Balmain F2010

Balmain's new fall collection has really got me thinking about what I believe about fashion. Should fashion be beautiful or challenging to the eye? Am I a arch-conservative or is it just common sense to believe that clothes should look good on the wearer. Perhaps grotesque is the new cool. I love Dries Van Noten's clothes and he is widely regarded as anti-commerical!? ...but his clothes are also beautiful.  I think what makes great fashion are clothes which are challenging , interesting and beautiful. Balmain did none of these things in my opinion. I'll elaborate so you know what I mean:

*leather pants are very last season to use them as a first look for the collection is very un-inspiring (although I did like the fur coat)
Balmain Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

*Gold pants?... I mean did they run out of ideas! 
Balmain Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
*It is one thing to have ugly carpet in your house but it is another to cut up that ugly carpet and wear it as a garment. 
Balmain Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
*The dresses look exactly like the ones from the last two season...and they seem to be getting shorter (to save material?)
Balmain Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear