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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fashion Ain't Frivolous

I'm sick of people categorising fashion as a superficial passion, whereas music and art (fashion is art but I am specifically referring to non-wearable art) are considered by society to be of great importance. My frustration was brought to a climax after a discussion with a guy who makes clothes and who confirmed himself as a hater of fashion 'an industry obsessed with the superficial and business advancement' (Yohji Yamamoto has been quoted of saying the same thing).  I do believe his words are not completely untrue but I believe they miss the true meaning of fashion. Fashion is (and I don't mean to sound cliche here) 'wearable art'. I can't see how it can be distinguished from the art world in anyway. It reflects the changing society and the state of the world at large. It is not merely for aesthetic value, high fashion designers have a strong concept behind their collections. In an interview with RUSSH magazine (December 2009) the contemporary duo Proenza Schoeler discussed their new collection and how it is inspired by the beauty of the ocean and the intricate patterns found on tropical fish....does this not sound like art to you? 

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