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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Channelling Bardot

There's something about Bardot that you can't put your finger on. Perhaps its the fact that its hard to believe she's a human being. Her looks are so mesmerising and perfect that its very difficult to stop looking at her even as a heterosexual female. Although it is obvious Bardot had genetics at her advantage, she was also a master at emphasing and making the most of her looks. Her eye makeup is something that has been copied by generations of women in the hope to capture her beauty. In Tom Ford's A Single Man Aline Weber captures the look so well she almost looks identical to the beauty herself. So what is the secret to Bardot's striking eyes? Lots and lots of black eyeliner. To perfect the perfect lines a liquid liner is needed. Apply the liner to both the top and bottom lash line. Make sure you draw right to the inner corners of the eyes. I believe Aline Weber is also wearing false eyelashes so if you want to go the whole hog that is one option either that or lots of black mascara. The looks also includes perfect foundation and nude lips.

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